DPLA Ebooks

Curation Corps

The DPLA Curation Corps is a group of librarians, information professionals and library graduate students who develop collections for the DPLA’s ebook projects including the Palace Bookshelf, Open eBooks and Palace Marketplace. DPLA relies on the expertise of the library community members who participate in the Curation Corps to create collections patrons will love. Questions? Contact us.
Palace Bookshelf is a collection of open access content available through Palace Marketplace, formerly DPLA Exchange, making it easier for libraries to build their open book offerings. As part of the Curation Corps, members help select open access ebook titles, ranging from classics to textbooks to children’s books, for this collection that public libraries will find valuable.


  • Georgia Westbook, Curation Corps Team Leader, Former Open Educational Resources and Instruction Librarian, Touro College (NY)
  • Cynthia Bower, Former Librarian, University of Arizona (AZ)
  • Matthew Davis, Collection Development Librarian, Gwinnett County Library (GA)
  • Genevieve Goetz, Librarian, Chatham Public Library (NY)
  • Mary Ann Lema, Director, Prairie Trails Public Library District (IL)
  • Jessica O’Neil, Technical Services Librarian, Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach (FL)
  • Amelia Raines, Reference Librarian, Geography & Map Division, Library of Congress (D.C.)
  • Mandy Martin, Sr. Brand Asset Manager, ICP (KY)
  • Stacy Tomaszewski, Electronic Resources Librarian, Fremont Library Administration (CA)
  • Miriam Tuliao, Senior Library Marketing Manager, Penguin Random House (NY)


Dorothy Berry • Elisha Brookover • Edith Campbell • Elizabeth Davis • Carady DeSimone •  Catherine DiCristofaro • Patricia Dollisch • Marianne Fitzgerald • Rob Fleisher • Brianna Furcron   Danielle Guardiola • Colleen Hallfrisch • Eric Hansen • Alison Hinkle • Dorothy M. Hughes • Michelle Huie • Emily Kean •  Jennifer Kim • Savannah Kitchens • Hilary Lewis Lackner • Eve Moekens-Arballo • Lucretia Miller • Maura O’Toole • Vandy Pacetti-Donelson • Emily Rastovich • Kelly McGorray Roberts • Cecelia Thomas • Remy  Timbrook •  Jared Wasson • Bethany Yackin  • Jessica Zillhart