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Palace Marketplace

The Only Library-Owned Content Marketplace
Palace Marketplace (formerly DPLA Exchange) is a library-owned and library-centered ebook marketplace. It provides a public option that helps libraries maximize access to ebooks for their patrons. Palace Marketplace offers an innovative, patron-centric alternative to commercial content distributors.

Diverse and Broad Collection

Palace Marketplace allows libraries to select from more than 450,000 titles, offering a broad selection beyond the bestsellers. Our growing inventory of diverse titles includes well over 100,000 non-English books, with more than 40,000 in Spanish. Palace Marketplace also offers more than 15,000 audiobooks, including popular new titles. Over 6,000 free open access titles are available through DPLA’s Open Bookshelf, and our partnership with BiblioLabs offers libraries access to more than 16,000 simultaneous use titles.

Agile Collection Development

DPLA can help you secure the content that reflects the unique demographics, interests, and the needs of the community you serve. Whether you need unique content by local authors, or a broad range of diverse or non-English titles, or you are serving those for whom accessible content is required, DPLA will help you source the collection you need. The Palace Marketplace is designed with library values to enable equitable access to ebooks, and to assist libraries in reaching all readers.

Flexible Licensing Models

DPLA is committed to offering libraries multiple and flexible licensing terms. Driven by the common mission of maximizing access to digital content, the goal of our ebooks work is to give libraries across the country greater control over their acquisition and delivery of content; make more diverse econtent easily available to libraries and their patrons; and to advocate for the needs of libraries in the econtent landscape. Find out more about our unique licensing models.

Focused on Patron Privacy

Palace Marketplace protects patron privacy, helping libraries avoid exposing patron data to commercial vendors. No patron information is collected or stored by Palace Marketplace–it all remains on the library’s systems.

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