DPLA Ebooks

About DPLA Ebooks

At DPLA, ebook services are core to our commitment to a library-led digital future.
Our ebooks team is constantly working to grow our ebooks offering, collaborating with state and public libraries on the adoption of the Library Simplified platform, and building new strategic partnerships. The DPLA Exchange, paired with the SimplyE platform, allows libraries to expand their digital offerings through a full-service, library-controlled pathway to purchase, organize, and deliver ebooks and audiobooks. 

DPLA’s ebooks projects demonstrate our capacity to serve a diverse range of libraries—public, state, academic, school, consortia, and more—and DPLA will continue to expand on such partnerships. Driven by the common mission of maximizing access to digital content, the goal of our ebooks work is to:

Give libraries greater control over acquisition and delivery of e-content
Make diverse e-content readily available to libraries and their patrons
Advocate for the needs of libraries in the e-content landscape

It is the first true manifestation of Readers First core principles: an app that provides content from many sources without being tied to a single vendor, branded by the library, foregrounding the library as the provider of its own digital content, eschewing proprietary vendor formats. I refer to it as ‘The one app to rule them all.’

Michael Blackwell, St. Mary’s County Library and Readers First on SimplyE and Library Simplified